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Cargo Handling Equipment Replacement and Repower Program

IMPORTANT: Do not scrap your equipment until instructed to do so.

For questions about scrappage, contact Ed Mihalski at 410.205.2730 or email him at

Equipment scrapping is an important step in this program and must be done according to the following guidelines.  
See scrappage photos below for examples of good engine destruction and documentation. Any questions relating to the destruction or scrappage requirements should be directed to Ed Mihalski at 410.205.2730 or
The equipment must arrive at the scrapyard with the chassis attached and the engine intact.

It is very important that you do not remove anything from the equipment except for personal items. The program cannot release the rebate until the scrappage is satisfactorily completed and photographed.  

Failure to comply with instructions for scrapping will result in the denial of your rebate.
There are 4 pieces of information the program requires from the scrapyard:
  1. Before photos
  2. After photos
  3. A copy of the receipt from the scrap yard for scrappage
  4. A photocopy of the front of the check for any payment from the scrapped equipment
  1. Name and contact information of the scrapping company
  2. Written description of the equipment destroyed (make, year), serial # of the equipment
  3. Date and method of destruction
  4. Amount paid for scrappage, if any, and photocopy of the front of the check from the scrapyard.
U.S.EPA Scrap Certificate
The scrap yard must also complete the EPA Certficate of Vehicle/Engine Destruction form.
Equipment Destruction Requirements  

Engines need to be permanently disabled and rendered no longer usable.

To destroy the engine: Drill a minimum 3-inch diameter hole through the exterior of the engine block into:
1. One or more cylinders and
2. Through the top and bottom of the engine intake manifold, or
3. Engine manifold and block may be crushed with a shearing tool.

To destroy the chassis:
1. Cut the chassis with a torch or
2. Clip/crush with a shearing tool.
Before Photos
Take a series of “before” photos of the equipment.
  • Equipment - side view 
  • Engine - (allow some of the equipment color to show in this shot) 
  • Intact chassis (allow some of the equipment color to show in this shot) 
  • Engine plate and serial number 
 After Photos
After the engine and chassis have been permanently disabled, you will need to take “after” photos of the scrapped equipment showing the following: 
  • Engine destruction – at least 2 shots (the more photos the better) that are
    close-up from different angles and another photo back a few feet showing that the engine block has been drilled or sheared (with a little of the equipment color showing in the photos). 
  • Area of the cut chassis – a close-up of the cut (show a little of the color of the equipment), and another photo a little further back from the equipment.
Example of visible destruction of the engine block
Example of chassis cut in half